So I just got Dan Issel

And all 12 games were won by double digits except for the last one (2 minutes into the game the guy paused and time ran out) but only 2 of those games were even competitive. It just shows that alot of scrubs really dont know basketball fundamentals. Also too idk wtf this is about but I’ll get a steal and immediately lose the ball and it’s back to my opponent. That shit is so annoying



Thanks man. Just glad I can chill and just rack up tokens for the next month

I haven’t played, just offline or to

I’ll give it a serious try eventually

Dude, how good did it feel to finally be able to play online again? I could swear angels were singing in the background when I fired up Unlimited the first time lol.


It’s so relaxing compared to smax

I know, I’m still trying to get clean after supermax! Lol

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Lmfao felt great. Just wish I had Finley, I went 7-1 Saturday night and didnt have time Sunday to give it another go


I’m still getting over the PTSD from SuperMax.



Finley is crackhead so no worrys there bro.

Gz bro. Same here just got him today. Very solid card from some TTO games i played with him… Cant wait for Hakeem though :goat:

and camera can’t catch that up which makes it even worse.

Same boat here… the weekend was my free time to make a run for Finley. The servers had a different agenda.

I play odd since I do most of my setting changes in the time out and use a lot of branches off of plays

Don’t know how successful I’ll be, plus I only play 2/3 times a night

The worst is when they steal it from you, the camera switches, then you steal it back, and the camera flips again, and then you throw up and have a seizure.


Lol even if Galaxy IT turns out to be trash still wouldve been nice to have a chance at em.

Tbh i believe they’ll make them available again in the future

Lol if that’s ur style that’s a gg. Sim basketball runs 2k this year. First thing I do is my defensive settings and I’ll have 20 seconds left on my timer before I start lol plus I run alot of plays out the pelicans playbook along with the flip push freelance.


They didn’t in supermax last year