So I have 2 Lebrons on my TTO team

How do I post a picture from my phone. I have 2 95 Ovr old Lebron James cards on my TTO team and I ain’t complaining…

Also can I get banned for running with 2 diamond Lebron James cards

yes u can

I’ve been running 2 Iggys for weeks now and haven’t gotten banned.

It’s not my fault if their game is glitchy

Bump. And if someone reports me do you guys think it’s game over?

Bro the way they have been dropping the ban hammer, id be playing 2k like a nun if I were you. Not sure if they give a shit about a game glitch because they rarely have in the past and are concerned about glitches that cost them money, but why chance it?

Yeah banned for life probably.

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Not only ban, 2k may call the cops with a criminal shit like this


Fr that’s a felony offense

And they both have 99 Open 3. It’s honestly too hard to turn down. I haven’t lost yet. I feel like the Chosen One. Plus PD Kareem at the 3.

Good luck when 2K bans that ass.

Damn y’all don’t want me to be Havin don’t you

Oooof it’s fully not in the “The following behaviors will result in suspension or banning:“ section of their Player Fairness Policy

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