So I bought Glitched Giannis

Paid 400k with a three point shoe and contract don’t know if it’s a L or not but fuck it. Has he been broken like this since he dropped because I could never go 12-0 just went 12-0 with him first try using a 10 man rotation he give me a good 30 a game 7 assists 6 rebounds like wtf he is a point guard smh


Everytime I play against even the Spotlight one he still dominates. Just played him in TTO and he made Dino his B.

This card is really OP happy I got him sad that a card like this exists

Dude this card is top 3 in the game. The fact that with a coach and shoe, can get 91-92 3PT and has gold RE makes him a legit threat.


I can tell now I don’t match with a lot of him on Xbox in TTO so I wouldn’t have known Tbh

Im glad a lot of people have dropped him from their lineups in favor of other cards haha.

Opal Giannis can’t get here soon enough.

Im looking forward to the Opal Zion also. They didnt even give the other ones slithery or fancy footwork.

I just don’t understand how one card can cause so much damage I just beat a guy who dropped 40 with bol and still lost by 9 Greek had 35 but a consistent 35

Was 400k a bad buy even with the shoe and contract?

No because that card can carry you through 12-0, TTO, and all Spotlight challenges.

That card is still worth 500K+.


Dont worry about that shit…you will drive yourself insane. If you happen to lose 100 K here or there re-up for 12 bucks with someone selling MT on here and keep your sanity.


I was tempted to drop 450K and buy him back to run him at PF. The difference in RE between the PG version and ASG version is huge, IMO.

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RE? Can you tell me what that means

Im gonna buy him right now. Im gonna sell Kristaps and Bol Bol and run him and Simmons as my PF with KG and KAT at the 5.

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Range Extender

I made that same decision sold my KP and 2 more I pulled bought Him and Bird even though bird been letting me down lately

Im not a screen dependent player anyways so why not.

Should I keep GO bird or is there someone I can get that’s better he just misses wide open full white all the time with a 99 3 ball