So how’s that 95 Luka?

So how’s that 95 Luka?

I know I shouldn’t lock sets ever, but especially this early. But I really am curious about that Luka (w those HOF badges) since I snagged the entire set for ~125k MT. And I do like that Tatum & Brogdon.

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Played my buddy last night that had him, he was telling me he swears he made more with the other luka, idk I wouldn’t lock in and cash out on the other cards when you think you’re not losing too much mt

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IMO, I love him, The floor general and dimer is really nice to have on a sf/sg, he shoots very well for me, and is an amazing all around player, even if he isn’t the #1 scoring option on the team. If you have the extra mt, then I’d say lock him, but if you’re struggling on mt, just get the other one

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He wouldn’t be worth it even if he wasn’t locked behind a collection.



He’ll get destroyed in a meta where defensive badges are vital to being competitive. May be fine versus CPU, but not other human players. He’ll get hunted mercilessly by people using faster, stronger 2s and 3s.


He’s an absolute unit for me. Typically gets around 25 points 7 assists and 4 rebounds a game. My point guard is Moncrief and his only job is to lock up my opponents pg, so having Luka at the 2 (game makes him run the point automatically) is god sent. All his HOF badges are clutch but Dimer makes everyone shoot better and difficult shots makes him impossible to off ball


I’m a casual who plays maybe 1 day per week and I’m really bad at the game this year. With that said Luka makes me like 10x better. Easy quick release. Makes crazy shots and runs the floor well.


His only weakness is defense. He can clamp a Lou Hudson, Rolando Blackman, Bruce Bowen type player and even hold his own against say Tmac, Kobe and Klay but he gets exposed against Paul George

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There’s no OP cards so pick your poison. If you want defense, you’re gonna give up offense. Just gotta have a nice mix of both. Doncic would be good next to Dumars, he could handle the playmaking duties while Dumars clamps up. Have a good defensive SF like Bowen to guard the hardest wing


I was just about to post something similar. You can “hide” Luka on D by letting him be the de facto PG as long as you have a Dumars or Moncrief at the 1 for lockdown purposes. His distribution and scoring is elite. And you can always double Luka’s man on the catch or drive in settings if he gets matched against a KD or PG.


Exactly this. Or if worst comes to worst sub him out for a 3 and D player and let him eat on the bench

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There are very few playable cards that can run the 2-5 positions that at least gold dimer. Luka HAs hall of fame! Part of the reason shooting feels way worse and more inconsistent this year is because we’re used to shooting with every pass coming from someone with gold dimer. No one has dimer, it’s huge, I’m shooting 15-20% better from three with him in my lineup. Here’s a list of players that have the badge:

This card is unique, plus, the two amy’s Are so underrated! Totally worth locking in if you got a surplus of mt. If you have to spend every dime you have to do it, don’t. Never put all all your mt into one set!


I set my quick plays, and call them thru Luka about 50-60% of the time.

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I didn’t even know that moments can be locked in sets. Thanks to the Luka hype now I know it :+1:

It cost me ~70k (PC) to get him.

Seems pretty balanced, but if I won’t make 12-0 with Luka, I’m gonna blame you! :laughing:

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I’m in agreement with your sentiment.

But please don’t put Sweet Lou in the same category offensively as Blackman and Bowen.

Hudson is an animal in the right hands compared to those two cards.

He is one of the craftiest cards around with Gervin-like animations and can throw up an old school behind the back, around the world euro-step on command.

But I do like that you’re given Luka a little love on his defensive abilities… I know he isn’t lockdown by any means, but sometimes cards aren’t strictly about stats and ratings.

Edit: had to come back and say Holy Shit, I just went and compared Lou and Rolando, and although they differ in tiers - I don’t think I have seen two more identically rated cards offensively, purely based off statistical ratings.

It’s absurd… on paper they are almost the same card.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve used Hudson cards for so long… but I used the PD Rolando in a Mavs theme team I was running and they felt like two totally different cards offensively.

But I had to give you some props because they are mirror images regarding their ratings.

That’s some wizard shit, lol.

I was curious about Hudson, loved him in 2k17 and his card looks well rounded. I was surprised how cheap it is

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Lou is really underrated in this game.

He takes ankles, has great animations, a silky smooth jumper and pull-up, and with his takeover/coach/shoe boost he goes up to straight 99s for me on 3pt, middy, close, layup, and off consistency.

Even without takeover, he is an old school offensive machine for me.

Not lockdown on defense but he more than holds his own… he has 4 defensive gold badges and 2 silver ones and makes his presence felt on the defensive side in good runs.

Loool I noticed that when Rolando first dropped that’s why I grouped them together. But trust me I know Lou is nice his animations are insane and he’s a sniper. He’ll be my bench SG for a long time. But Luka doesn’t have a problem staying in front of him


Agreed… that’s where Luka’s size and player model help him out defensively.

Is he the best defender… not at all.

But he’s not the limp noodle that people make him out to be.

Half of playing defense is the controller in your hand.

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I missed out on a Lou with contract last night for 39. Pretty bummed since he looks solid all the way around. I’ll keep an eye out for another one and get him eventually.