So everyone has hakeem already?

Super frustrating, couple days ago i lost my 11th game to someone with hakeem already. and just now i got to game ten and on the way I faced FIVE people with hakeem in their lineup before losing my game ten to a dude with hakeem as well.

Why is everyone still so sweaty this month if they already have him? :weary::weary::weary:


That is tough bro. Sad to hear that what centers do you have to match up with hakeem?

im running sampson at the moment, but thats also whats so frustrating. these guys dont even give hakeem the ball.

constant screen spam then moving 3 with manu / granger / turkoglu is the only times ive lost this month. most games are against constant screeners and my defensive settings work, but usually around game 9 to 11ish my exact same settings with the exact same players get caught on screens so much more :persevere:

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ppl still play for tickets and token

sampson is better than hakeem ( except if you run ur offense with center)

dont worry you will get it, at the end of the month the competition is lower

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He has him lol

i just wanna go 12-0 once this year and hakeem is always my fave center, guess i gotta wait for a GO to get off the auction house lol

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I think in that case you need to manually guide your player over the screen let the CPU recover and control your center. I always position my guards in advance of where the shooter go I think that would help a little.


²yeah sorry didnt saw, i just edit my shit

ive tried it before, this past game the dude went 3 for 3 contested (yellow) threes to start the game lmao

Damn 2K is really inconsistent. However when I’m down double digits I usually slow the game down.
Take a timeout or two if possible.

true i guess i should use my timeouts more, i almost never call them because i try to get through my games as quick as possible but ill start calling them more :+1:


Yes bro when the game is really hard or stressful take a timeout and let all the 60 sec end take a deep breath etc. Just relax I know you can do it!


If ur beating guys with Hakeem, im sure you can get him. Just dont let it take away from the enjoyment of the game. Have fun and play. Im sure you’ll get him. If not, dont worry hes replaceable.

This is weirdly true, i experience the same, even hof pick dodger does not kick in sometimes.

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Try to hold RS for your player to extend his arm when the screen is coming, I feel that my player get through the screen better when doing this. Also when you extend your arm and your opponent shoot, your player will automatically contest the shot

RS left or right, right ? :innocent: and he auto contests that way? No need to move up manually?

Nope, took everything I had in me to win 5 games and 3 Ls. See ya on the flip side

Depends on where the screen is coming from : if the screen is coming from the left you should extend your left arm BUT the tricky part is that in absolute to extend your left arms you have to put RS to the right :sweat: maybe it’s just a placebo effect it seems i get less stuck in screen when doing that.

For the auto contest if you extend your arm when your opponent shoot, your player will automatically put his hands up no need to move up. But if you flick RS up, your player will contest more, he will not jump but he will raise all his body, it’s in between jumping and having your arm extended.
Having your hand extended all the time will slow your lateral quickness though so you shoudln’t have your arm extended all the time


You will get him, never give up. Hakeem is worth the grind. If you need any help, let me know.

Great tips