So D’lo on TTO boards today?

They had a poll on twitter asking who we wanted on TTO boards (I’m assuming it’ll be today) and for some inexplicable reason D’lo was voted over Gary Payton. I’m cool with it as I still refuse to pay more than 100k for a PD PG and I’ve been wanting this D’lo. Also thanks to whoever outbid me yesterday on D’lo with contract for 150k. I was about to make a stupid move. So yea, as I said, all you guys who kept D’lo at a ridiculous price about to be sorry.


I hate how the everyone picked DLo like would have much rathered the iceman


KhalilJames: “This is BLASPHEMOUS!”


Yesterday I had to log off when I seen these people fucked up and picked D LO , what is in the water

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Lol, much better

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I voted Iceman only cuz I already have GP

I wonder why people voted D’Lo since apparently no one likes to run legit point guards. That said, I wanted the Glove… Sad


That DLo is sick though, even though I’d rather get a free GP

Voted Glove also. Wont matter. I could win 30 straight & never see him.

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i wanted GP for a while but now that I got PD Oscar and Allstar Magic as my 2 point guards I’m good…I’m not using any of the options they got to choose from I’m just selling who ever it is if I even get the card so whoever sells for the most that’s who I want

same here. wouldve loved him on all time thunder/ sonics
once i sell everything off i should have almost 500k to spend tho

There’s no way that people would choose D’angelo over Glove… uhmmm…

Agree, picked glove and saw d-lo was way ahead…dont know why but will be playing for him, i bet he goes up soon

Cant wait to be at work again during this


Cant wait to win 20 straight & never see him


At least with the mass voting the worst player, we don’t have to worry about missing anything lol. I’ll be on the road and I’m sure it will end when I get back


Cant wait to lose the first game and see him one time


Better result than if the vote had to decide between, say, Bill Russell and Lonzo. That would be a very sad outcome.


No doubt knowing the Zo following that Bill would get shafted, but that almost makes more sense considering the meta. Gervin and GP are not only the rarer of the 4 cards, they also are the more serviceable cards. Community fucking failed on this one

Community really likes a good zig-zag

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