So....caved and bought 22...playing Career though

Played about an afternoon of Myteam and it felt like that full time job feeling. Too much time spent to grind rewards for them to be irrelevant soon enough. I will check back in around Xmas time when Opals start to drop and the 15th patch is in and maybe the game has figured itself out.

Until then it’s MyCareer and the City…which I’m a complete newbie at. Give me some tips.

All my mates are either PS4 or Myteam so I’m finding it difficult to do a lot of the tasks.

Enjoying my Dirk Nowitzki replica in Career, trying to get traded away from Detroit and hoping for the Mavs.


Welcome to career! I moved primarily from myteam to park/rec in 18. Found a great group of people which is key to enjoying the online modes. We are always looking for extras to run with. Feel free to DM me if you’re looking for people to run with :slight_smile:


What is the build looking like?

7”1 Centre with all of Dirks sigs. Feels a little slow for park meta but can hit 3s and am enjoying playing in the low post which is much improved this year

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Yeah post game is fun this year for sure. Enjoying it with my Melo build.


You don’t have to grind to play MyTeam. there are op budget cards, most of the cards are not expensive and there are good online rewards (except unlimited). well at least now.

I feel your pain As soon as I was drafted to the pistons with the 1st overall pick I knew I would request a trade ASAP :joy:.

If your a Xbox guy send me an inv sometime and we can play although I am only 70 overall after one night of playing for a few hours and haven’t bought any VC and i bought cheapest version lol

My build is similar to last year, non shooting big(might hurt for some teams but I’m a all around big except minus shooting because I love that style of a more traditional center like similar to a Kareem or Hakeem or someone.
85 Driving Dunk at max,95 Standing I believe and think my speed will go to max of 75 -80 but I’m 6’10.
I wanted a decent speed build that although has not much for strength I can still dominated with because I prefer using a faster center over speed( I was doing work last year with my build and able to catch lobs a lot and block shots well) rebounding 89 and max at 99 is 94 with I think 22 rbd and D badges and 26 finishing.

What do you think of the gameplay this year? Seems a mixed between current and next gen, seeing lots of different opinions.

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For me its tough to decide. I prefer the gameplay if I’m playing MyCareer but MyTeam not as much.
So far I think early on its a Park type of year for me and its very difficult for me to enjoy the myteam

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if u dedicate to mycareer, playing park will be fun.

MyTeam you have to follow some meta and keep selling, upgrading, trading, switching ur players until all players are 99

In Park u jus be chilling with ur dirk fadeaways, just cheesing on everybody’s ball handler builds.

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Dirk build sound awesome. Inspiring me to make a Kawhi build. Max defence with a bit of everything else. You making him look like Dirk? Face creation and accessories and all?

Was thinking about doing that when I get the time, but now I also feel like making Kawhi Lol. Sucks how much VC it takes to get them to a usable level

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Yeah the VC is a killer. I usually make 2 or 3 builds each year and am NMS on myteam. When I think about it as a year of entertainment my brain justifies it :sweat_smile:

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Also bought the game yesterday and strictly sticking to career for the foreseeable future as I’m already doing MUT. Deciding what position/type I wanna play but leaning towards a 3/D if it’s viable.

Next gen?

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Yeah nah, it’s not that year, mate. The game has figured itself out on day 1 this time and there’s gonna be only few minor tweaks here and there.

Yes sir, next gen box

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honestly if I knew how to dribble well id make a good playmaker because i used to be good with them but my dribbling isnt all that good anymore.
I may however make one as a second build one of these days.
But if i had next gen id definitely make a kawhi type of build or a kobe build