So cards go with badges for you guys, or you going acapella

So it seems that a player’s ability to perform is exponentially enhanced once you badge up cards. I used KP w/out the badges and he was okay I suppose, after I put and upgraded to gold Deadeye, Tireless Shooter, HZH, and volume shooter, he’s shooting lights out and I green pretty consistently in TTOnline with his upgraded card. Have any of you noticed this kind of difference once you upgraded a card with certain badges, or if you used any kind of different setup for a player (of badges) that you didn’t think would turn out as good?

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My problem is, i cant put HOF Rim o Amy KP.

xD that would be intense

Don’t put HOF badges on an amethyst lol

It’s not any worse than:

  • paying 100K for ANY card right now
  • using a diamond contract ever
  • buying VC
  • ripping packs
  • locking sets

The badges you can and can’t put on Amy Pippen makes no sense.

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Acapella means without music. Not sure what your asking lol


Lol I know, I meant is as an analogy to no badges ( instead of no music)

To answer the question, that the optimization that a card receives from badges is just crazy when applied to some players, and if anyone has seen a difference with some players and badges like I mentioned with KP

Badges are the difference right now. They can make an average card a good card depending on what can be updated.


Feels like 2k20 with the shooting at times. Bailey also gets considerably boosted on the shooting as well with the badges available to him

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Which badges are those? I gave him gold Clamps and didn’t even check what shooting badges he could get. I meant to buy him back.

Deadeye, difficult shot, and corner specialist on gold. Defensively I haven’t been paying attention on most players, but I think I need to check what is available to players, would be damned to face a Bailey with gold clamps

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similar to mills. a lot except range

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Im saving the higher tier badges for later better cards, who knows how rare and expensive they will be. Bronze add-on are fine for now

Literally thinking that, I’m sure that as cards get better badges will rise in price. I’m gradually buying different badges form when the time comes to apply them to players. I do, though, upgrade 1 or cards per set with the badges of my liking; but I’m guessing that at a heftier price.

Fully dressed cards don’t sell for a lot more than the naked ones anyway. If I save the badges and shoes then I have more control over them and can sell them at a higher clip individually than say card X with 2 added hof badges, silvers, golds and bronzes and diamond shoe

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I’m doing the same thing, but I’m stopping at silver instead of bronze; especially if the upgrade is cheap anyway. I’ll put golds and HOFs on cards once we start getting budget diamonds.

If you’re chasing wins and streaks but haven’t badged up your squad, you’re at a huge disadvantage vs people who have. It makes such a difference. I ran a naked KD, he was trash. Badged him up, and he became a mismatch machine.

Same thing with Embiid, badged up he is easily one of the best if not best Center in the game.

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