So bought the anniversary edition

Saw it on for 66€, couldnt resist.

I was only briefly checking 2kgamer last few days, so is it worth it to play MyTeam now? Or should I concentrate more on MyPlayer?

Some short summarization of some tips for the beginning?

You’re definitely still early enough into the game to enjoy either or. MyTeam gameplay options are so much more diverse this year and I think overall less grindy due to the enjoyable nature of actual sim basketball techniques that work rather than abusing a game mechanic constantly to have to win.

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up to you, I unlocked the auction house first in myteam and then proceeded to do 5 domination games. I haven’t created my player yet (because I dont know what build to pick), Im not a huge park guy but if you are, I would suggest making a build or finding one that fits you.