So are we not getting a dame and those other cards at all?

Is 2k going to release dame and the other moments at a later date or not at all?

honestly the way dame played he doesnt deserve a diamond at alllllllllllll.


But to only give him an amethyst is shortchanging him after the season he had. With that being said, I could see them giving him a throwback playoffs diamond for that series against the rockets a few years ago

Plus he already has an Amy.

his amy is perfectly fine. plays well. shoots well. has good badges. i just dont agree with giving him a diamond when he was literally one of the biggest reasons they got swept. his inability to include his whole team in the offence was a huge crutch for them. not enough ball movement

Last year they gave final upgrades to some players to celebrate their SEASON after being eliminated from the playoffs, not necessarily their playoff performance.

Maybe they are waiting for everyone to get eliminated in round 1 before dropping them all

Last year if I recall correctly, they sort of dropped them as teams were eliminated. No big drops from each round. But maybe that is what they are doing this year

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