So... anyone else unhappy with Shaq?

This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I’m not thrilled with Shaq.

Don’t get me wrong, this card is great. An absolute monster in transition, and I suppose in iso situations, which I myself hardly ever do with my center.

However, this is not the Shaq I thought I’d be getting. Now I’m no magician in the post, but I feel like I can more than hold my own, and have quite a few trusty moves.

Shaq was a fucking walking tank… an absolute brute. This card’s post animations are sub par at best, at least in my opinion. His post hook sucks, and just the overall power and force that should be there is most of the time not. Throw in the fact that Yao Ming can practically back him down whenever he wants, and this shit is just ridiculous. Now I know that rebounding is practically broken in this dumb ass game, but I have to be honest and say that he really hasn’t impressed me on the boards, either.

Surely I can’t be the only one?


His player model is small compared to what I thought we were getting.


That too.

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They don’t look this similar in the game.


He is very different than what people expected

Not a post beast but a stretch 4 with guard handles

This game is whack mane


He’s a point forward not a post god


I mean we have a PD Bonga. Whack is an understatement.

Next thing you know, Gopal Ronnie with all 99s is gonna be in packs.


I haven’t played with the card, but if I was looking to get him I’d want a centre that literally cannot be guarded 1v1 on the back down.

I wouldn’t care about him shooting threes that shit is rediculous. But I would want his post moves to over power, there shouldn’t have to be finesse needed, it should be forceful and dominant

Shouldn’t that Ronnie have been in fan favourites?

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This is exactly what I was looking for too, but it’s simply not there. Stupid as shit, man. Shaq was a monster in the post.

The backdown, drop step, better send a double team or he’s gonna tear the backboard down shit is what I want.


That’s exactly what he isn’t

His player model is identical in size to Hakeem O if you look at them side by side

Eaton, Yao, Sabonis can all repel him down low

In post takeover, McHale actually throws him out of the paint like he’s spinning on a guard or something

Even goddamn diamond Rik Smits can back him down

That said, he’s still great bc of versatility. He can score in every way in both halfcourt and transition.

If his release was a little faster he would be completely unfair and they would have to nerf it—would be another Hedo situation.



Cowens fucking did it to him the other day… I was speechless. The good ol’ post takeover, shove prime Shaq out of your way like a rag doll routine. This game is special… smh.

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Wow, really? That is unacceptable…

To be fair, McHale does that to everyone. He’s a god.

But Cowens is insulting lol

I agree and disagree. He is definitely not the post monster we would expect a GO Shaquille to be, so on that part he’s kinda disappointing.

But on the other hand he’s a top3 card in the game, maybe even #1. He does everything. He’s just not Shaq.

He does everything he shouldn’t do, perfectly. And the one thing he should do, he does do it, just not perfectly but simply great.


I think the mixture of everyone having elite big men that are high in OVR & with plenty of HOF badges, really dilutes Shaq’s post game.

And why can Yao back down Shaq? Because 2k places a massive emphasis on height that weighs far too heavily on performance.

6’7 Rodman could dominate the boards in RL, in 2k, not so much. Iverson at 6’0 could get any shot he wanted, in 2k, not so much.



I’ve been very disappointed in him as a post card, yeah. Still a great card, but doesn’t feel like Shaq Diesel.

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This is the problem- and clearly weight barely matters compared to height.