So... About those pre-order packs

So... About those pre-order packs

Did anyone receive one of these Lights Out shits today?

After filing a claim, going through the motions, receiving a Multidamensional pack (weeks after they dropped) and having my ticket closed… I thought I was done with this shit. Apparently not because I haven’t received another promo pack.

The exact quote from the pre-order:

“5 MyTEAM Theme Packs (one per theme across the next five releases)”

This company is so unprofessional it’s comical. I have been getting my League and HC packs every Friday so I guess I should call that a dub and chalk the other shit huh?


It’s probably gonna be 2 weeks after they’re out like the Multidimensional pack was. It’s a joke. Can’t be having people earn MT from this, so they give it out when the player prices are at their lowest.


Shit I hope you’re right tho lol. Even two weeks late, at least we get em. I don’t even think they’ll do that tho

Just got my Lights Out pack. Nothing notable in it though


Just got a lights out pack

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Well… hoping I got mine as well. Thanks for letting us know fellas. Maybe 2k will actually keep sending them out to us now

Shouldn’t we have gotten a New Years Resolution pack? Not that they are worth a damn, but 2K is definitely holding out on this part of the pre-order promo.

I think I’ve received 2 packs so far, maybe 3?


Man 2k some hoes fr they scammed us

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Here’s the programmer they hired to set up the free promo packs


Yup … the last promo I got delivered was a Multi pack. They completely screwed us on this

This is why you don’t buy the preorder bonus

What do you know, guess what showed up in my Unopened Packs today?

A New Year’s Resolution Pack.


Lucky you, nothing in mine at the moment.

I was assuming the reason for the NYR card price drop was everyone receiving their free pack? Was I really the only one?

I got mine yesterday too

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Yeah same I thought it was making up for the weekly spin tho

I got my pack but it was decades after they first dropped. I haven’t received one with every pack drop though and when I do they are always long after the initial drop.

2K stays scamming the fanbase and wonders why we’re so toxic toward them and their employees. It’s fucking comical.

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Which packs are considered “theme” packs anyway? I might be missing those too, but haven’t paid to much attention until now.
Anyone tried opening a ticket with 2k support regarding this?

Can’t wait to open my pack when I get home and pull another bs bronze card.


Don’t get too excited mate, I was eager to get to home as well.
No new packs lol

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