So 10 Shaqs just ended at 100k?

I thought it was a glitch…bid on a few and got 3 for 110k

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lol wait whhat?

He 100k? Damn i might cop to see how he feels like

No he like 200k

Please tell me this not ps4… I would hate to come home and see I only made 100k

Dunno if a glitch or wtf happened…I saw 10 at 300k…then 200k…then 100k…like back go back…they all ended at the same time. Like second for second exactly all 10

I think maybe a few got lost in the shuffle. But expect bins popping up yet

Nobody wants centers that can’t shoot. Garbage card

Correction. Most people. Some people actually like running pnr and bully ball in the post.

Bids are glitched.

When you put a bid it auto corrects to like 200k+

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Has to be a visual glitch cause mine just sold for 297k


He said he bought 3 for 110k.

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Guy just said he WON 3 for 110 tho


Shaqgate im here

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Ilgauskas is the best C out imo. Butter and I mean butter quick release on a 7’3 behemoth

Lucky bastard. :joy:

Giannis is the best card available to run at c imo. I run big z as my back up

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Shouldn’t it say, hes the highest bidder or he won the auction? or am I tripping? I forget how it looks.

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Better than AD?

I was bidding on those groups and got 2 for 250 each. Should be a little profit.