Snipe of the day - MARCH 😱

5-10 min ago

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missed 2 jamals same refresh smh


My d Mitchell sold for 270k


lotta AKs being thrown up today

fuck I missed t mac

I had 3 of the first 5 Winslow’s and they went for 100,500, and now he’s going for more. :neutral_face:

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Does this Bol card even exist??? Fuck mane I’ve never had this much time tryna snipe one card

Missed Bol, bought Iverson. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Wilt Like LUNCH

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should’ve clicked on it faster :frowning:

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get gud

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hows it been tonight? I havent been sniping since I got the rose earlier.

haven’t been sniping either. Trying to get a record deal :frowning:

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sounds like your priorities are out of order.

what kind of music do you play?

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old rock. Hendrix, lots of zeppelin (jimmy page is god), tom petty, some john mayer, etc…

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Great month, guys.