Snipe Of The Day July 😱

Don’t know if this is a snipe anymore but had to start July off lol.


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This might be a dumb thing considering you can make mt on your own account

But is there interest in being paid a fixed amount to snipe high value opals on someone’s account for a day?

If so I’m interested and am willing to negotiate/pay for today (for a trustworthy member of course) lol

How can anyone guarantee something like that?
It’s 99% luck.


Never said guaranteed. They would get paid regardless of how many snipes in that day

Like I said it might be a dumb concept but for a trusted member it may work



Let me know your offer if you want.
You can check my MT sales & snipe history.

I’m ps4

See @Knezius there is interest lol

But hmu if anyone’s interested, don’t wanna derail the thread

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I have both XB1 and PS4.
Sniped both Rashard and Giannis on PS4 among other things last 2 days.
If you can offer something worthwhile let me know.



Got this a few hours ago


what filter do you use?

Edwards for 89k in PS4. Good way to start the month :sunglasses:

Sorry for not make pic to evidence, but my mind is full of “Profit, profit, PROFIT!” when I’d snipe something. Automatically is put it on the AH if price check is not needed.


New month new snipes!

Sniped 2 Edwards so far in the past hour on Xbox. Haven’t even seen a LaMelo or Wiseman in the past 2 days…

Are you on next enabled? I didn’t see any Edwards been on for the last hour :joy:

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100k both?

I know the value of quite a lot of players, I see lots of people getting LaMelo, Edwards, Wiseman etc but I have the whole set locked in so how I cant do enabled filters - what sorts of filters are people using to get them and other high value cards?

Does it work to straight up put the player name in?