Snipe of the day - APRIL ☠

i haven’t fumbled one in a while but i fumbled the shit out of this one

I was sure you got it. Getting a bid in is the worst because you know your refresh was good enough to get it.

At this point, considering I’ve yet to snipe an Opal (even Ls like Caruso and AI), I consider getting a bid in a minor W in itself lol.

i accidentally bid on both an AI and Caruso this morning. thankfully missed both. the filter is still super sweaty and unfortunately will be until we see some stay at BIN consistently.

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I bought another Iverson this morning because I forgot to turn enabled on! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i hate when people put different cids. idk how i got opal mitchell i put a cid on it first lmao

that’s brazy

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I miss 2 durant , 50 caruso ahah , 1 rose , 2 tacko … i hate all sniper ahaah

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Anybody just miss that mismatched dirk on XB? :upside_down_face:

and the results


Nice catches. Finished last night with 5 sniped carusos. 4 managed to sell between 120-130k. Got two more today and that’s the last of him I snipe.

Also managed to snag this guy.


Finally not Caruso


let’s just say it’s been a good day


i cant find shit lmao

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I vote to rename this thread “@Jdealla’s snipes of the day - April, and others”


How long you guys keep refreshing? I tried sniping from time to time but after few searches I always end up saying this is hopeless.

Here’s how it typically goes for me: Search for an hour, see 6-8 cards, miss them all, then snipe an Iverson or Caruso by accident! :rofl:

those iversons and carusos can add up tho. i sold an iverson for 133 today.

try putting a cheap gold shoe on them (get the green kobe gold shoe if you can) and add like 12 contracts

Gotta get an Xbox that’s where all the knuckleheads are at


It’s truly not a snipe of the day thread without you my friend