Smart to sell silvers now?

If I don’t plan on completing collections for awhile is it smart to sell all my silvers now? I have about 50.

They’re pretty low right now

Last year silvers grew in prices after the first couple months

More incentive to rip other packs than standard packs so the silvers become more rare

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In the same boat, if you’re not locking sets for tokens or pushing collector levels it seems like it’s best to do it before too many more promos hit and more packs get opened. Just got IT from collector level so I’m probably going to start selling almost all of my auctionable cards tomorrow and Monday and look to get back in on them later in the cycle when they get cheaper.

Listen to @Shamslol and not @OMC-WILDCAT. Last year silvers were at a premium later in the cycle exactly like Shams said. If value is what you’re looking for then waiting is the right call.

Lol some of these silvers still over expensive. I’ve collected 468 cards so far

Silvers seem to go from 2-15k throughout the whole cycle, I sold off all mine no regrets