Small lineup lol

No Harden, Westbrook or Capela. Rockets playing against Jazz with starting lineup of Rivers, Gordon, McLemore, House and Tucker.



I swear the rockets have one of the unusual line ups in the league, the spurs at some point too.

You mean Mills-Forbes-Belinelli-Demar lineups aren’t about Pop being a genius?


Yeah quite a puzzle for me too.

The jazz can never beat Houston. I don’t get it. Even with Westbrook and harden out they’re struggling.

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Eric Gordon with the 40 piece. WTF is Utah doing with Gobert only taking 5 shots when the Rockets tallest defender is PJ Tucker. Has analytics really killed the post game in today’s NBA that bad that they don’t take advantage of mismatch anymore?


Making Don Nelson proud

Gobert can’t post up even Muggsy Bogues actually