Slowest release in the game?

Off the top of my head, I’d say Dikembe, PD Garnett, and Bill Russell.

Special shout out to Diamond Moments Myers Leonard—picked him up for a Blazers theme squad and he looked nice. Giant 7’1” beast with a 97 three ball. His release takes all fucking day and then some.

chris paul & paul pierce immediately come to mind

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Wilt is one

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The original Jkidd and Chauncey releases felt slow af, Oscar’s original cards too

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Ewing has to be the slowest

PD Ewing is awful lol

Meyers feels like the right answer. That shit crazy.


It’s so fucking bad

I was like man this diamond card gonna be a hidden beast—he’s unplayable

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Giannis is pretty slow. Shaqs is slow. Ewing is snail.

Chauncey and ewing are rough, duncans takes forever too

Ewing and Meyers Leonard were the worst I’ve tried. Hakeem’s was pretty bad too

Meyers or Kendrick Perkins


Have never used a Perkins card and never will

How isn’t Magic on this list?

For real. I don’t even guard magic on the perimeter. Dummies rush he trash shot once you step towards him.

He can make some contested looks, but that slow ass shot will scare you into releasing early when a contest is coming

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Amy token Dirk


I would say try that card just for a good laugh, but it’s kinda rare and expensive so not worth it

I’m about 95% sure it’s the worst in the game

I started taking a shot with Al Horford in 2K15, and he still hasn’t released it yet.