I’m a huge myleague fan but every time I do a league where I’m going to be playing the games I get bored quick the cpu is so easy to dominate even on hall of game, what sliders do you guys use to make the gameplay more challenging/realistic as well as league sliders to make the other aspects more realistic

The lower the difficulty, the more exciting the games are. Watching every player brick isn’t fun.

There aren’t many myLeague playerd around here… bummer i know. But some people here told me about PopBoy ( a youtuber ) which specializes with 2k sliders. I’ve been using his on 2k20 ever since i found out about him and the games feel way better and harder. It’s sad the AI doesn’t use more plays, but that’s something only the developers can fix

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What system are you on?

Is it an actual challenge with his sliders?

I am on PS4.

Yes, i’ve actually lost quite a number of games. I play 12 min quarters.