Sleepers challenge game10


Khris Middleton is apparently some Magic/MJ clone.

Jokic had 28 offensive boards. Of all the cheating the cpu does in this game, this one might take the cake

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I used Evo Ruby wiseman, diamond mullin and Amy Cooper - no problem if you just cheez 3s with mullin

If you don’t have mullin then you can do the same with Petrovic or Ingram

I did it with Cam Reddish, Draymond, and Bill Russell

Basically pick one guy who can bomb threes and/or dunk on everyone with two elite defenders. Ideally, have your scorer be your second tallest guy so your defenders are guarding Middleton and Jokic while your scorer is guarding Draymond since he isn’t as big of an offensive threat

The Curry grind was worth it for the sole reason that the CPU will never out cheese me


I ran some combo of Ray Allen, DRob, Giannis, Klay and PG13 for all of these 50 games depending on the requirements. CPU fucked around, so it had to find out.

I went 51-1 (lost a game because I accidentally ran my emerald/gold TTOff crew once and misread a requirement and had to replay 1).

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I’m nms, don’t have any of those guys. Did it second time around easily, with AK47, Hakeem and free agent Derrick Rose.

When the cpu decided they weren’t going to let me hit 3s, I got some cheap turbo dunks. Game 1 was the cpu deciding I was going to lose

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CPU made a lot of bs shots but I used Monta, Klay, and Bill. Won by 23.

Curry, Blake, Nique (or whoever, he was doing nothing anyway lol). Blake even got triple double.

The only game I had to play more than twice was the dunkers challenge, which I think I played 8 times

I just used Evo’d Opal Elgin Baylor, Idol Dominique and PD Reddish. I Just let in rain from 3👌

The best card to use for these triple threat challenges is a badged out diamond giannis, he can guard anyone. He always plays as my tallest guy since there’s no big man that can catch him on cuts or iso with giannis.
Used glitched zion and diamond lebron. Middleton did score 40 points on me, green every 3 he took, but didn’t have much problems

I think I used Glenn Robinson, Dave Robinson, and Monta. Had 2 dbl-dbls, and Glenn was a rebound away from a triple-dbl.

Used the same squad i used for all of these, mutombo, wilkins and Seton. Wok by 30 and i am not the best 2k player.

Yeah he is my secret weapon too. That card is perfect for TTOffline.
Either just pass to him on the wing and pull up or call for a screen move a little in the direction of the screen, wait for the defense to go under and then pull up.
One of THE best reward cards this year.

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Had 60 with Nick Anderson and a dbl-dbl with Garnett on assists and rebounds.

I just finished them all, only shot around in freestyle with skip and he seems very very good for a free card.

Also for challenge 10 against kobe magic and Shaq I used a free agent wade with 20 hof badges and holy shit he made it easy on next gen

yea challenges are cheesy, just get someone like a nick anderson if you are on budget then do a snatch back 3s every play you should be able to win even if you cant get a stop

Blake made Challenge 10 easy

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It’s really that hard? I used Ellis, Glenn, and Dino in that challenge and beat it first try. Pick up a Glenn.

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i think the team rebound/individual rebound challenges are worse, the cpu barely misses and especially if you want to secure rebound with a certain player cpu will just nail 3s after 3s