SLAM (SLAMonline) Tmac VS KD Who you got?(+Evan Fournier and Tmac’s comment below)

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OOOOH thats tough very similar games i got kd tho better defense and taller

Tmac better athleticism

This is tough, My money goes to KD.


Slam socials ask a lot of stupid questions. This is one of their better ones, but the answer is KD.

Tmac was great, but he’d have no answer for KDs length or range.


TMac had any PO wins? How it is a question

KD. Not just come I’m a dubs fan either. This dude is unique with his size, speed and overall ability.

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this is about 1 on 1 my boy

I heard KDs a better baseball player too.

Only read the title as usual my bad.
Still KD much more firepower, skill. On D he has the size too.

RIP Evan Fournier

That’s tough. Can’t decide. Both are better than LeBron to me. Don’t @ me please.


Easily KD.

TMac up there as top 3 most overhyped player ever.

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Btw this whole argument that TMac used (“you cant talk about something, unless you did it”) is so flawed.

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Amen! And KD would EAT TMac. Not even close. KD’s just too long (and slithery).

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Everybody eats, B. Kd and tmac are very comparable. I mean almost identical.

Kevin Durant has the opportunity to finish as a top 10 player of All-Time. Arguably has a chance to finish as the second greatest scorer of All-Time (post-merger).

Y’all sleep on tmac bro. He didn’t have the drive/heart as Kobe, but I think he was more naturally talented. Me and @Knezius had this conversation a while back.

KD is 7" and one one of the best shooters in history, easy win.

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