Skip Bayless: Doncic is not special

Skip Bayless: Doncic is not special
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i tend to “skip” past his ideas

He’s right in the sense of comparing him to Bird. People need to stop that.

But its too early to hate on him for his 4th quarter failures.

4th quarter failures are a result of Mavs being way worse than people actually think.
It all comes down if he can create some magic, but since he’s only 20 and not that athletic, he still doesn’t have enough endurance.

His only real comparisons in terms of playstyle should be Manu and Harden.

that was his pro comparison coming out of europe, a combo of manu/harden, which he has lived up to pretty well

Luka Doncic is a 1 off end of story

Sometimes I wonder if skip is going senile

Yeah the people calling him Bird 2.0 are on something strong.

Let the man play. He’s top 10 in the NBA but not top 5. Bird is top 10 ALL TIME.

He definitely isn’t Bird, but you can find similarities between the two. Doncic is definitely special though… Skip stay hating lol

Everyone in the basketball media are clowns.

You remember the finals between Mavericks and the Heat where LeBron chocked big time in the last quarters in every game, and he still is a great player cause he learned from his failures.

We are talking about a kid who sometimes chokes in the 4 quarter, so what. He isn’t a machine and he learn from game to game.
The mavericks are playing way above there possibilities and the biggest reason is Luca, a 20 year old kid.

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Skip really just analyzed Luka laughing after a dunk and made a big deal out of it :joy:

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Big facts and that was a prime Lebron. I’m on the Luka hype train compare him to anybody he’s that talented

Coming from the guy that thinks Lonzo is transcendent. He’s clueless

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