Skill Based Matchmaking

I’ve heard a couple folks mention the game now has skill based matchmaking.

Did 2K come out and say this recently? If so has anyone noticed any real difference?


I’ve noticed a HUGE and negative difference in Unlimited lately.

No matter what lineup combo/overall rating I try Im getting matched up with a higher overall and very skilled player.

Im not even that great though. But I used to win about 80% of my games. Now I’m lucky to win 50% and literally struggling on Sapphire level.


This is probably more related to the fact that more and more casuals leaving the game at his stage and “try hards” stay.


Everyone is trying hard

Even running a lower overall team in MTU you’ll still run into accomplished speed boosters and karate choppers regularly. I definitely agree with those pointing out the player base is made up mostly of die hards and try hards at this point, and everyone has access to YouTube so a lot of games are against the exact same types of opponent

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It is always the David Robinson 5 out guys that are trying hard lol.

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Me too. Plus the game is running with extra lag for me and ridiculously low FPS. That is a bandwidth issue though.

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We need to talk about this, I played 15 sweats in my last 17 games, it can’t be a coincidence… It’s really frustrating, i’m trying to get Millsap then I’ll never touch unlimited again if not for xp

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11 wins here, lost 4 games back to back lmao. That last win is a probleeem for me.

I just don’t understand how unlimited is so different in matchmaking then anything else.

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I assumed it was just people getting better at the game, with SBMM it’d be very hard for me to go 67-5 this season. After getting Redd, I tried to help one of my mates boost Millsap for him but he always found someone first (even tho I searched first) so might have some effect idk. Just don’t know how SBMM can = me winning 93% of my games still

I don’t think anything has changed. If anything, it seemed easier for me recently. Since Friday, i’ve went on a 18-2 streak. Btw, i always play unlimited from Friday to Sunday.

MY PS Plus expired, and its Sunday nothing works, fuck me

this weekend is very easy because of millsap, people only play easy lineups because streak doesn’t matter. A lot earlier quits lol

I’d you’re sweating people they will quit, even sweats don’t want to fight other sweats so they rather quit and search for an easy matcups lol.

So it’s deffo working well for me haha.

I get what you mean and you are right, but it’s not the first weekend i play unlimited. I am far from the best player, but i was in the PD league before i started playing this Friday. I haven’t noticed an increase in “sweatiness” in the last 2-3-4 weeks.

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Every other game is sweaty for me . Having a good Center is key especially to Defend against robinsons , wilt and Giannis and Kareem at that position.

I’ve only really noticed a big difference in the Pink Diamond tier. I made it to there pretty easily but now it’s just sweats after sweats.