Sixers v Celtics - star5CR34M v Dmvr

It’s a playoffs grudge match, streaming live tonight we decide game 5 early.

In the green corner, we have the bad guys, the legendary Boston Celtics, led by the Shamrock Glock @Dmvr

In the red corner, clap your hands everybody it’s the Philadelphia 76ers, led by the Alabaster Master of Disaster @star5CR34M


You guys are missing a good game. Tied with 31 at the half, Iverson leads all scorers with 18.

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come through yall


tough night for the C’s lol

if i dont miss that open dunk the game is different :frowning: gg, maybe next time we do this we shouldnt do this during a playoff game lol

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tell me about it

Using Shaq is a stretch

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Great game man. Definitely have to make it a best of 7 series.

Webber also a major stretch

no good true centers for us

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for sure bro, i gotta get more pieces this is kinda sorta makeshift lol

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How much is Havlicheck haha?

doesnt even matter for me, i am broke as a mf. i gotta get him reggie lewis, kg when he drops

I don’t know about major, he was there from '05-'07. But I’m fine going with a straight logo squad, I have literally 4 different versions of Sixers lineups :rofl:

My top scorers:


Iverson is a slippery mf. Good game again

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Iverson played way, way better than I expected. He basically won the game for me, he was a +15.

Here’s the team box:


Yeah, that’s not long after his Sacramento prime.

Glad to see you got your Embiid

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I was psyched when the Sixers got him, but he was washed. But I went to a lot of goddamned trouble to unlock that card :rofl:

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