Sitting at 9-0

Debating when I should play the rest of these games. Gone 11-1 twice this month and really want to get Manu. Should I go for it today or wait until next weekend?

Sunday is good. Casuals. Usually. Or late at night. I went 6-0 pretty easily one night at like 12-1am.

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Fullcourt? :ghost:

Take It a game at a time lol

Play a game a day and do the offline content

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Well just queued into a game against all PD squad, RIP the dream boys

Take some adderall and motor through your last 3 games with laser like focus

Unless the PDs include issel and manu then that don’t mean squat.


He’s got Manu, don’t see Issel

Ask for the quit bro. Doesn’t hurt to try.


Beg quips if Don’s shoot dont win

just knock it out in one session

Knock it out then ask ogxsuave if you fail again

he on p4

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I was just 9-0 20 mins ago. Made both ppl quit in the 1st quarter and got Manu. Just do it.


Abuse that ps4 message glitch where if they read it, it bans their ps4 account lmao



I just got it done, play now lots of bums. I drank 6 cups of coffee and entered super Saiyan focus.

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Welp I died


I have manu and had to play some games to get tickets to enter the tournament.

I would have quit for sure if someone asked me…unless they were offballing and swerving around screens looking for threes the entire game.

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Just use some preworkout…drinking too much coffee makes me feel like shit for some reason.

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