Site Enhancements + Content Indexing of "Contributors"

Site Enhancements + Content Indexing of "Contributors"

Want to let you guys know that we (almost entirely @2KGamer) have been working on some additions to the site navigation and structure.

More Categories

  • We’re going to add a few more Categories to try to make sure that other aspects of 2K discussion aren’t ignored here.
  • We will add a category for MyLeague/MyGM, and one for Play With Friends, the latter for the purpose of containing posts in which people are looking for PWF matches or using PWF to organize tournaments/leagues.

Navigation Bar Header and Footer

  • There will be new a new Header and Footer for the site.
  • This is to add in more direct navigation to some site elements, such as a FAQ, Rules/Guidelines, and also a special (set of) page(s) for content that is especially handy for recurring reference or as a guide.
  • We want to make it more obvious to people how to find stuff that is useful in terms of how to use the site, what our guidelines for behavior are, and to browse a well-organized index of stuff with longstanding value.

Guides/Resources/Reference Index

  • We’re going to develop a page, or set of pages, that organize and “index” posts/topics here that are ones people will want to refer to over and over. And also stuff that is especially worthwhile to read, even if only once.
  • So stuff like a post detailing all the Diamond shoes in the game, or perhaps a guide to cheesing through Domination. Or a comprehensive breakdown of a Playbook.
  • Especially useful for when someone is doing a sort of a series. So if you do a series of player reviews, or guides to doing dribble moves, that are really good, an index listing that goes to a page that lists/links all the reviews.
  • Consider how r/NBA2K has it’s “feed” and some of that stuff is indexed on their wiki page.
  • Also can index links off-site, such as a links to YouTube channels of any of our members who have one. And other external sites that are useful for people to know about.

Contributor Title

  • We haven’t talked much about this and haven’t established standards but some members who create especially great content will be recognized with a “Contributor” title. Perhaps a badge. But something like that.
  • It’ll be something that mods collectively agree to recognize a member with, based on a high bar of qualitative and quantitative appraisal. Not something to be applied for, or asked for, but something that recognizes what has become obviously great contribution of content to this community.

So if you’re planning on working on some content to post here, know that if it’s especially useful, we may link it off the Index page and hopefully highlight its existence for the duration of the cycle. Make sure it doesn’t just get pushed down after a day or two of initial discussion.

Also, consider that, in order to highlight content in this manner, we’d like for the content to meet a high standard not just in usefulness, entertainment, information, etc., but also in terms of presentation. So boring stuff like text formatting, spelling, grammar, etc., will need to be on-point. And, when applicable, it’ll be good for images and video links to be used.

When @2KGamer implements some of the structural changes, there may be some site downtime that’s necessary. So, sorry about that, in advance.


OG Member badge for ppl who joined in the 1st month


Right on time for me to not play 2K anymore :sunglasses:


You know we will linger and eventually cave. I’m being smart though and waiting until the cards that will be obsolete begin to phase out. Idk you got f’d in the A so you may hold out for good

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Lingerer Cave Crew :sweat_smile:

Good stuff OP
We appreciate it

This forum has been a reason I continued playing until this this day

This is dope

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Reviews would be nice. I’ve been wanting an easy to access review section badly like the other site. Or at least a category if anything.


What I foresee is, if someone keeps up a series of really good reviews, we’ll index them.

But we won’t index reviews in general as that would all be manual work, since we don’t have a card database.

You can index all my whining.

QK’s Complaint Compendium: A Series.


New features to my favorite site? Ya love to hear it!

Good idea, I’m sure alot of people will be down for that.

Qualitative and quantitative!

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Vol. 1: Tales of the Equalizer.


Sounds good👌

Some great modifications. Keep up the great work

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Lmao :rofl:
“A series of unfortunate Quantum Leaps”
S1E1: Curious Case of Equalizer Button.


Niceeeeee the PWF section gon be lit.

This site has been great since day 1. The guys here n the mods are top notch n i speak for the community when i say thank you guys. I wish 2k gave us as much effort to continue to get better.



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