Since there is a new season

i feel like we will be getting cards for awards at the end of june. and a lot more duos. what do y’all think?

Ehh… who cares. PD LeBron is out, PD MJ, Kareem, Hakeem, Bird, Magic… nothing left to get excited about. I think I’m gonna play with my team for another week or so and cash out. Might as well throw a couple hundred bucks in the ole bank account. 2k is starting to die out.


I’ve been trying to run different/ more expensive players, but I’m so bad at this year’s gameplay. In past 2Ks I’ve been able to do a lot with a little, but this year, unless you know how to use the sticks, you’re not making it far. It’s a good time to cashout, especially with Lebron, MJ, Giannis, Porzingis and Magic on nearly every squad.