Simple Trick to Beat All-Time Teams on Domination W/O Buying an Expensive Team

Whats up guys,

I saw an earlier thread asking for help regarding how to beat these OP teams on All-Time Domination and Fantasy teams. Beleive me when I say, I struggled hard for a while too with it. However, I finally figured it out. For those who do not know, they added two new features regarding the defensive scheme on how to contest shots.

If you have not seen this features regarding the hard shove/hand check and the shot/defensive stick flick, please watch the videos on 2KU:

You have to start hand checking with L2 + O in order stop drives/on-ball screens. You also need to practice flicking the defensive/shot stick up when they shoot in order to make them miss. Simply, holding the defensive/shot stick up or pressing Triangle does not do it.

I figured this out through the tutorials and it has made a world of difference. Galaxy Opal Magic Johnson doesn’t have anything on me now lol

Knowing how these features work will already cut your score of losing to these OP teams in half if not completely at all.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks for the tip. Didn’t realize they added those.

L2 + O makes my guy on defense trying to take a charge. Have not seen that combo for checking on 2KU either.

You have to tap it. Also, if you’re offballing and tap O while running, you can grab the player running around the screen.

Both of these can result in fouls if not properly timed