Simons explain how Nik Stauskas ha better controls then legoat

Isz thia a straight joke!!!

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The only joke here is you :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:


Now takin MJ dan serious

Serious question, is your first language English?

Ok Carlo, let me try and understand this. You’re pissed that Stauskas has better passing stats then the new moments LBJ right? That would be because its a moments cards due to his scoring more then his passing, rebounding ect. Also there has been a noticeable decline in LBJ’s play this year, he is still the best player in the NBA but there has been a decline nontheless

Carlo, you are the most valued and important part of this community


Nik gos card in portlans game against us he killin us three off screen wasnt controlling ball. Did lebron dirty

Speak fucking english dude. Seriously. Take some time before you post shit so what your saying makes sense. Stop being fucking lazy. Its annoying. Everyone’s been telling you this. Maybe you should listen. Literally no one actually reads the shit you post because they cant understand it. So whats the point in you being a part of this forum ?


Nik is also a guard too, learn basketball man shit

So by ths jj Redick have better ball controll then lebron

Even google translator can do better then this…

Jesus man, now i know you’re acting dumb. I actually gave you an answer with a reason and you’re just gonna talk gibberish? It’s a moments card, it’s 3months into cycle, the OP LBJ’s are coming, this is just so people rip packs to see the flashy new LBJ nothing more nothing less. We will get a 99 everything LBJ again later in the year

I didn’t quite catch that can you REPEAT that

Just type it in your native language and we’ll use Google translate…less headache

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noun: troll ; plural noun: trolls

a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post.

The most coherent thing Carlo has ever said. This is groundbreaking. I like you Carlo!


It’s November. Any LeBron card we get right now is going to be notably nerfed, somehow.

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He’s right that ball control is just disrespectful.

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Ya’ll getting trolled by Carlo lol

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