Simmon PG Worth it on a budget

Glitched Lebron, Magic is out of my budget. Running PD Kidd, Lin, Nash, and Billups at PG. Is it still worthwhile getting Simmons at the 1 for his height? Seems very cheap right now

Just the free diamond at the 4 and run everything through Simmons and save ur mt. The free one is better than the moments other than be locked out of pg


Simmons at the 4 is a good option. He can still be your primary ballhandler. All your pg’s can shoot, so they should fit with Simmons at the 4.

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And you can still get a mismatch at the 4. Lower lat quick or speed. Although all these clamp god cards might make it tougher. But Simmons still good at the 4

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What I did was pick up someone like Iman shumpert diamond card, 6’5 Hof clamps

My bench lineup

Simmons still brings the ball up in this lineup most of the time, him and giannis, even tho shumpert the point guard, he naturally a shooting guard, and I don’t think he has the bring the ball up setting, I don’t know if it’s still in the game this year, but I know it was last year, it’s in the edit player screen, at the very bottom, I’ll see if I can check later


Took some advice and decided against picking him up. Grabbed a Jimmy with Diamond Contract for 55,000. Will stick with the PG I’ve been running with for now:)

Kidd should be able to D up most people for ya too

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pick up Walt Frazier for like 30k. he can do a good job at containing Ben and other bigger PGs

or you can grind PD Kidd for a week and save 30k mt

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Sold Walt after I got Kidd and Lin to PD

Im playing simmons at the 3 in my bench but he is playing like a point guard even if he is at the 3 so I dont think it would be the move to buy pg simmons when you are running a budget team

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Is that option in the settings? I can’t get on the game for awhile would check myself

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It’s in edit player section, under vital

Alot of good ball handlers that are on the wing normally have this

As u can see, kahwi doesn’t have this, it’s nothing you can change, it’s just something that certain players have