Sim style friendly on XB1?

I’m just looking to close out the year just enjoying all of these cheap GOs without having to deal with absurd OOP player lineups or crazy cheese. If you’re labbing a freelance or series, or just want to run the same type of game drop your GT I’ll add you

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Add me, GT is my username. MTU is a cesspool right now, just ran into a guy running Kaj, AD, Eaton, Yao and Sabonis as a starting 5.

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I’m sim, I’m down to run whenever, hoosiertailgate on Xbox.

Im sim too. ! Im always down

I do run zone sometimes.

adding you guys now. @raptorsbenchmob pm me your gt

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Sim here all day, errrry day. Anyone can hit me up in the pm’s if they need the gamertag.