Sim Ballers League, Recruiting 2K21 (Draft, PS4)

Our league is a 1 season re draft league. Like how it was in the old days at the beginning of the decade when leagues were at it’s high point. We are doing it this way due to the multiple different bugs that occur after a season 2 or because 2k gonna 2k… But it can be a fun way to freshen it up every year with a new team and players.

We also have badge progression in season and some of it will be carried over into the next season.

The season is 3-4 weeks long depending on how active everyone is and the following season will start toward the end of the that currents seasons playoffs so everyone doesn’t have to wait around to long.

With that, we are looking for and active players for our draft league starting soon once we get enough members. (Sunday Nights is usually when we draft)

Also you must have the groupme app(Free app, can use a computer for it as well) as that is our main forum of communication and communication is a must to make the league successful.

Also being active and making post on our forum (which you can find above) is encouraged as it gets everyone immersed in the league.

IE the power rankings and such which if you want an example are up there from our previous seasons.

(Pretty much On Ball d, and player position rules)

Settings (As of now)
8 Min Qs

If you’re interested hit me up on PSN or leave your info


Groupme Email or Phone-