Silver Prices?

Dearest Moguls,

What’s up with the silver prices on Xbox? I used to freak out if I could find a silver for under 2k. Now, however there are a bunch. Is this a temporary thing or do you think these prices will stay? It would be awesome if this silver crash stayed.


Rudy Gobert

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Think they’re done man. Not as rare as they were in 2K19

Idk about Xbox but on PS4 the Thunder Silvers are holding strong at over 10K

Most silvers are done

True forgot about the Thunder silvers. I think it’s because fewest silvers in a set yeah?

im taking the huge L for locking current sets when silver at 3k per. I never consider they would drop afterwords

Don’t feel bad man. 2K will make sure we all take an L at some point during the cycle


As soon as we get new token rewards silvers could go up due to the demand for tokens via current collection sets


I’m about 1k tokens away from drob. still can get 300 from collector and 300 from TTOff and some from domination. currently buying up the silvers and heat checks. idea is not to lock until I can get every single token for drob. if prices go up between now and then I might sell

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I’ve done the same with silvers. I have about half the current sets complete but I’m gonna hold off locking for as long as possible in case they shoot up randomly.

I’m 2 deep in PD rewards but I would like to be at Opal tier before I even consider locking for tokens. If it gets to feb/march and silvers are still low though, that’s probs when I’ll switch to #nofux mode and lock whatevs

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Do you have to lock collections to get to the Opal rewards?

i dont think u necessarily have to to get there. but to get one reward I reckon you certainly do. I mentioned I was 1000 away. so 250 from all PDs although I’ve only redeemed 7 diamonds. I still can get 300 from TTOff, 300 from 1750 collector reward, and I’m guessing 50-80 from domination. the only sets I’ve locked are lavine. one East and one west

Token rewards are crap right now. They will go up when the token market is updated.

Yeah it’s never permanent. We’ve had really good moments players the last couple of weeks, so silvers are in circulation more. That combined with the lack of demand for tokens right now, and it’s a great time to buy.

Silver prices always seem to somewhat recover during dry spells of the season.