Silencers - released! The 🐐 is here!

Tatum, Pierce, Baron Davis

Not very exciting release for tomorrow. Prefer the evo cards.

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Makes me remember how big of a deal it was when Baron was brought back into the game.

Jordan drops too

PD Jordan is not bad lol

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this is way too soon. you can have damn near a full pd lineup in the first two weeks of the game. good ones too. are they planning on adding a new tier above dm? because at this rate opals will be here before halloween


The Ruby Jordan they gave in the beginning of the game is still great. It should be interesting to see how good each level is. It will be interesting to see how 2K does card progression for this year.

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Cards are out. Interesting to see how Jordan plays at the different gem levels.

Edit: used West and Horry. Both really good and both a great bargain. West has a great release.

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