Signature Tuesday Mamba 24 Coversation

1st off I really really hope 2k dont screw us over and not drop this card. But lets talk stats, badges, cost and potential shoes for this beast.

I feel that since he is the 24 Kobe with the sleeves and its a 98(highest pack card yet) that he will have 12-13 HOF badges on limited with HOF Limitless being one of them but some people dont think so. I mean this Signature and the GO is series 2 will probably be the 2 best Kobes this year and I dont think the only put HOF limitless on just one.

Both gonna have hof limitless. The limited will for sure as will the Opal.

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I really hope its not sig kobe just anniversary

Thats what Im saying but folks are like no.

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They trippin

BitesizedAdorableAmericanbadger-small Screw sig… drop anniversary kobe 81=go
Like argee


The Opals will drop last, probably near AS break lol

The price of the limited will depend on how many there are.

That would be going backwards but even better for me. GO KOBE “sign me up please”

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The most kobe thing to do would be to have aniversary packs where every card available is a different kobe.

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How about the Anni and Signature all on the same day in packs.

Im telling you its gona just be one super pack where the ani card is in it but the rest are signiture kobes.

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The market would crash harder than a drunk man on his way to the liquor store

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why does everyone want a sig kobe?

It’s Kobe.

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Stop it you giving me a heart attack.

anniversary >

even if they drop him to pd id rather get him out of the way

Its the way its going down. You heard it here first. Market and game gona crash hard.

opal will licely cost nearly a milli. Guys will spend maybe 400-500g for a limited cobe

Thats assuming the opal isnt limited to 81 copies hes going for 1.5-2+ if it is. with like 16 HOFs. And sig series 98 PD will be 500k+

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