Signature Series 6 tomorrow: Invincible Pippen, Dark Matter Wilt Chamberlain, Dark Matter LaMelo Ball

Definitely Ben. He will drop soon as the big tall strong PGs are about to come out (OOP) and his price will plummet.

Edit: Same with Luka (I just sold mine earlier this week), but I understand why that one is hard to sell as he is so good for now.


Luka is so good on next gen but he been out since 2nd week of last season thanks it probably time.

Luka is going to be good till end game because the card is so broken still on next. I’m keeping my PW version as I pulled him when he came out. If and when he gets his invincible, that card will be upwards of 2-3 mill easy. He runs my bench unit with Giddey and they’re great together. I agree in selling Ben this weekend before the new season starts because I need to do that too. Hope I can get at least 400k for him

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Is Richard Jefferson top 3 card i haven’t used him yet.

I will say that since we sold Luka, my son has been much better spreading the ball with better results.

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Got Wilt with hof sniper and limitless for 270k :slight_smile:


Whos more worth picking from todays drop ? Lamelo or Wilt ?

I packed him and added a bunch of gold badges but I can’t get that release to work for me… Funky as hell, haha

With hof sniper, diamond shoe, +6 from coach and floor general i wont need to green lol

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Fair call. I was shooting alright with him in freestyle but took him online, somehow threw up a very early and thought nah, haha

Just got a Wilt with HOF circus 3’s and limitless for 100k BID… I’ll take that.

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Well damn. I got Tatum for 86k just to try out.

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Very quickly remembered that jumper not for me and relisted. Sold for 220k.

Also had some big flip wins
Bought Scottie for 1.2, sold for 1.55. bought a 37 HOF MJ for 1.2, sold for 1.7


Took an L on the Amare signatures… Bought them all BIN. Saw Amare going for 300k, sold and got 120k l. Now back to 300k. Fucking AH, haha


Not sure anyone has run into this before. I saw 2 signed DM Wilts with bids less than 70k. One had D contract and shoe and had 14 minutes left. @trala7 ’s posts gave me the false hope that I too could snatch a Wilt for 100k, so I bid 100,500 for the D contract one and then 90k for the other. Played a game to do the triple double for Giddy and the Butler agenda. I then saw that neither Wilt was in my auction outcomes section nor in my collection, but I was nearly 200K MT poorer. Not sure what I could be missing. Went in and out of the game, but still nothing.

Oooof that’s rough man… You don’t have heaps on auction outcomes for you? They can be hidden if you have too many.

Hopefully they show up because that’s some BS. Can you save the clip and send it in to 2k support?

I’ve been playing off and on for almost eight years. I’ve never experienced a big loss despite all manner of disruptions and shutdowns.

I’d just reload and reset everything possible. And do that many times

About an hour later I restarted and the lost bids were now in the AH so I got my MT back. Really strange though.

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Wilt gonna be good for 2 weeks before all the invincible centers come out and are just as athletic but also money.