Signature Series 6 tomorrow: Invincible Pippen, Dark Matter Wilt Chamberlain, Dark Matter LaMelo Ball


Lol, you beat me to it whilst I was making the same topic

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good that he can play PF

It is a shame he is a Warrior and not a Sixer. However, I can see him being the best PF in the game (at least until next week).
I also like the signature series as it give the choice of paying more for a specific additional HOF badge.

So the question will be Lamello vs Giddey.

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Getting that Wilt to pair with Yao and Tatum. Going to sell KD and Ben this weekend and move Giddey back to my starter with Luka off the bench.

I think Melo shot is better

I dont know…Scottie is always so uninteresting for me

No it’s not!

Pls be under 500k wilt. Best PF in the game coming up.

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Pippen opal is amazing dude glad i sold kd

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So nothing else announced? :confused:

Not so far/yet. Pippen was the last announcement tweeted.

Ravi Chamberlain is back, 2k’s Indian subcontinental Wilt

Fuck Wilt Amare is way better.

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I need PG bron with trae Young Escape May 20th

Diarrhea drop

Pepto works for that

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Wow, Boban with 80+ for 3pt, Spd, Accel, Perim D, LQ, and 77 SWB.

Sigs for Amar’e look wild.