Signature klay vs new klay

So the signature 97 Klay has way better tendencies than this klay. Has that had an impact on his performance? I have the new klay and haven’t had a chance to use him. The shot 3 tendency on the old one is a 75 and it’s only 55 on this one. Does this mean anything?

I don’t think so. I have the new Klay and he’s awesome


All I know is that Klay needs to shave that buddy ass goatee.


Looks like some fantasy Japanese pussy really :grimacing:

I pulled the signature series when he was released and he was fucking amazing best 3 and d player in the game, but this 98 one is pure aids compared to the 97, at least in offline modes it’s impossible to score with 98 Klay he misses too many open shots and all the fucking time is being defended by Jordan, Kobe and Lebron, definitely the 98 is China Klay.

Edit. Screenshots of their stats

Stats with the 97

Stats with the 98 (I have played 11 games with him but I restarted his stats cause it damages my eyes just at looking them)


This irrelevant man it’s offline lol

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You’re still getting that many points a game, you must be chucking a lot of shots up.

Talking about offline


I owned 97 Klay like 4 times and always sold him for the same reason: he’s exactly like Klay in real life. He’ll have an off game, and then go for 20+ points the next game, or miss shots for 3 quarters and then make eight 3’s in a row all of a sudden. The 98 Klay is the exact same to me, except I definitely notice the HOF Tireless Scorer and Pick Dodger badges. Even if Klay is having a bad offensive game, he’s still clamps on D and your opponent still has to respect the fact that he can flip the switch any second. The 97 is still a killer card, but the 98 does have that little extra something the badges give him. I never noticed they had a difference in tendencies, but I pretty much only used him in Super Max.


Think the same.
I had a 97 Klay for a long time and he was automatic- you had that feeling with him that it’s bucket no matter what-only with Bird I feel something similar.
This new one,i don’t know…it’s just good.

mi equipo!

I’ve tried out the 98 twice since release and both times he stunk. Was shooting about 30% and 15% from 3 off of good wide open releases. I just nabbed sig series one for 55k so suss him out. Guy quit in the second quarter but Klay had 20 points and had missed 1 shot. No idea why the 97 seems to be way better but he’s sticking around for a few games to see if it was fluke or not.

I was eyeing that Klay but didn’t have the MT for him haha.

Honestly, AMY Klay shoots more accurately than 98 Klay. I’ll probably be switching back. Silly 2k!


Was thinking about upgrading, but after all Klay is just a shooter and defender.

The ideal player next to all those ball handlers in the game.

Lmk your findings

I have been using Magic + Klay combo for 2 years :slight_smile: Damn accurate.


Just sold my 98 klay for like 69k and bought signature for 70k, better card art and you guys say he plays better, did I make the right choice?

I found he played way better but who knows. Only way to know is give him a chance!