Sig Series PD Kobe

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Does this mean it’s real?

No badges. This aint it. Kobe is in the anni packs guys. No sig kobe. Sig tmac tho. Im almost sure of it

It will change

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But Ronnie has it, & also said it’s coming.

he has been there for 2 months or more


Signature Kobe is dropping on Tuesday. It’s the anniversary of his 81 points.


Guys, this card has been there





And look at the stats, that’s not a Kobe, that’s blank filling


Itll be anni kobe. Why the fuck would he be in the anni set then .?

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Dropping the Opal before the PD?

Give me a 1 week break 2K

Because he was a 2k cover athlete, Duh. :upside_down_face:

I know hahaha. Im just saying why would they release a sig kobe if an anni kobe is coming. Doesnt make sense. Remember last year we were certain there was gunna be a sig paul pierce. And then there wasnt ? Lol

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They released a diamond Bird not so long ago, and his anni version will come soon

This has already been in their database…I saw it a couple weeks ago and noticed there were no badges.

Bird will be at the end of the set im pretty sure

The signature Kobe shows up as the pic for signature cards bro. We’re getting Kobe, it’s almost a certainty.

He will be before Lebron and Kobe

Bron & Kobe Anniversaries are GO cards.

Im saying it wouldnt be the first time 2k messed up. We talking lebron gate. Harden gate. Lockercode gate. Vcglitchgate.

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