Sidney Wicks badges + shoe

So his shot at first felt a little weird to me but I think I’m getting the hang of it now. He’s been elite at everything else for me and is my best card as a NMS budget player. So I’ll probably badge him up. I have one 3pt shoe so I’m thinking of putting it on him. It’s the Superstar adidas y’all think it’s a good choice? Or maybe flip it for a different 3pt shoe? Or should I save the shoe for one of the Spotlight Opals? They prob wouldn’t need one though.

How about badges what do y’all think fits him best?

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He’s gonna need shooting badges. He’s missing a lot of them. But defensive and slashing, he is elite, he just won a game for me single-handedly.

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Is it worth it to put range on him? Every Opal I own has it and this man is a defensive beast off the bench for me

I put it on him didn’t notice a huge difference but it’s prob just me. I tried but just just can’t get his shot down consistently. He does everything great but his release ruins him for me. I actually like this Debusschere better if only he was one or two inches taller