Sick pull, 2k must know I haven't been playing

Wtf not gonna lie this is lit af to me haha, out of my daily reward !


They are pulling you back man.

I was away for 3 weeks got GO Melo and GO Iggy in Back 2 Back Single MT’s LMAO

Before that I got GO Wiseman Hahaha


Does anyone know why I can’t create a topic yet? I’ve been a member for like a month now and have like numerous posts and commented numerous times?

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Click the 2KG Icon then when you are at the news feed look at the upper right corner for “New Topic”

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You need the VORK seal of approval first


what’s that lol

Despite the username, congrats on the pull!!!



For sure as soon as I missed some of the daily rewards in a row last week I pulled CL melo. and I thought that would be my 1 opal pull for the year. Crazy and I only logged on cause i thought there was some welcome pack thing :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Rare W 2k.

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