Showtime or takeover

Which one should I lock in. Do u think Giannis can guard GOAT KAJ?

showtime and no



But takeover Pip and Giannis are nice too

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The time to lock Giannis has passed. He was 1.4 to 1.8 when he was in packs. He’s way past that now.

Lock Kareem.

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Thx guys. Gonna get KAJ.

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Don’t think of it as locking, think of it as purchasing Kareem with the intention to never sell him…


Enjoy hes the best card in he game.

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Giannis with HOF RE is coming soon, no reason to lock him now

Doesn’t he already have HOF range?

Edit: just check only gold. He shoots like he does though

i shoot multiple moving 3s of Giannis he definitely feels like owning Hof RE

Yeah any thing further than Gold Range and he’s just being wasted. I’m good with this one.

showtime 100%!
GOAT Kareem is endgame, but card ive ever used in my team history
Rashard Lewis aint a big name but hes endgame. You wont even realize he has like 12 pts on 5-6 shooting.
Shaq is a great backup big,
C-webb is my starting pf. He has weirdly become my best 3 pt shooter. Hes always open and his shot is so easy to green.
So thats 4 players that should make a 10 man squad.
PD Lebron, lets wait to see if he gets a EVO or duo.

Giannis is great easily top 2-3 card in the game can do pretty much everything, that being said kaj is just a 7’2 better version of that and like others have stated the price has sky rocketed your better off waiting for the pg version if you want him

Trust me most people who locked KAJ wont put the rest onto their teams.

The only person who made the cut from the lock was Shaq and that’s because I’m a big time Shaq fan. Kareem is the real treasure in this set.

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I haven’t heard as much pizazz about Opal Giannis lately as I would’ve expected

Lock in Showtime GOAT KAJ

that’s bcos there’s not much that needs to be said. fking beast aha