Shout out to @DGreenShouldntWear23 on XB1

Monster team. Plays the game like it’s supposed to be played. Just got done playing one of the most enjoyable games I’ve ever played against him. On ball defense, no crazy cheesy bullshit or fucking press. Not gonna say anything about who won. Just a legit, fun ass game of 2k until the very end.

Told him about the site, and he just joined. Welcome him aboard if you want to, fellas. The community just gained a good one.


His GT is accurate as fuck

Big facts. Not his gamertag, though… username.

i didnt know the game was supposed to be played on ball


Now you do.


seems made up


did 2k say that ?

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Lol, well played.

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lmao just fucking with you bro

@DGreenShouldntWear23 welcome my guy

I know you are, dude. I’m the first to admit there’s times you need to switch. I just get so sick of playing against off ball press every fucking game.

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R y’all Xbox?

Yes sir.

We need to play then. Oh fuck I’m on ps4.

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Welcome to the site! @DGreenShouldntWear23

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yall still hate on draymond huh

welcome @DGreenShouldntWear23

i also play onball without cheese or flooding interception on xb1 if someone whant to make some friendly game :slight_smile:

xb1 gt : m4ybeRd

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Always. Dude is a piece of shit.


did ya iso all game? why onball only