Should we take Penny to counter Magic?

A little bit early as most havent used this card. but am 50 tokens from my 2nd GO. was gonna hold out before this magic dropped but now im reconsidering

I have both and Moments Ben as a reserve. I’m ready for anything. Lol

If I was you I would definitely take Penny though, because the next token update is probably gonna be close to the end of the regular season if I had to make a guess.


Magic will take a dump on Penny.

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68 strength vs 86
77 Lat quickness vs 93 speed w ball



you’d prob need Ben for Magic. Or another Magic lol. Me personally I have my diamond Jason Williams to take him on head to head :woozy_face:

I think it’s a good idea to wait. Drob seems to be the end game of all the choices there.

Grant Hill is so much better than Drob imo & I’m the only one I’ve seen to say that. Makes no sense.

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i love grant hill cards. his amy is underrated

I recently picked up Hill and I actually notice the impact he has on my lineup…Robinson is just there, does what he does but not much difference from other centres

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I love grant, his dribble combos are nice, but his single dribble animations suck.

Dribbling is a bit fucked now anyway. I wish they just took away that teleport standing btb bullshit and left the momentum running behind the back

i wish i wouldve waited. i literally redeemed TP on Monday… so I’ll have to use more of The Glove now.(if we werent talking basketall this sentence would sound nuts.)

I think TP locks up, his defense gets underestimated when people target him

I honestly like Penny better than Magic in general.

I have Magic and I’m still debating on whether or not to start him over TP. Love that card. Tony lights it up for me and he’s great on defense.

Yeah I don’t think Magic plays to his stats. His dribble animations were what made his diamond usable, now he is just added defense with nerfed dribbling

It’s not just that. Magic has been playing really well for me. It’s just that Penny absolutely blew my expectations away.

Yeah I loved Penny long before he got given clamps…now people rave about him after 1 badge…he has always been a monster just needed a little tweak to counter a weakness

One of the things that surprised me most about him is how easily he greens 3s. Especially deep threes. I’ve been greening from the logo with him online.

I love Penny I like to stagger him and giannis so he comes of my bench but he gets buckets as soon as he comes in