Should we hold off on packs?

I know there juiced but imagine if diamond Klay/Curry/Paul/Ariza comes out in next couple days.

I would rather save my money for those players as these Celtics would then become redundant.

I would kill for a amethyst ariza lol. We have one auctionable diamond

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I think the throwback packs are juiced. Someone mentioned it and i pulled McHale and Pack. Ripped a 10 box of moments for the new Celts and didnt get shit and then went back and ripped 3 more throwbacks and pulled Redd. a diamond and 2 amythest not bad.

Yeah they were juiced yesterday where I was getting a diamond every 3 packs but no player that I want at the moment to rip more of. Ill wait for the next announcement or premium packs. I don’t think these Celtics will stay in anyone’s line up for long after the next players are announced. If there is a Diamond embiid tho, that would be a killer

Yeah,i pulled mchale and sampson too in 2 packs.Hated that i kept ripping packs for the celts and wanted to rip some throwback packs

Was yesterday’s release as juiced as today’s?

Yeah it was, but it was at a weird time. 4-5pm Australia time, I opened packs towards the end of it just before it went dry and got 3 in a row then 1 every fourth pack. Then it dried up. But in one hour there were 40 artest up on auction house within 10-20 minute period.

So that would be in like 2 hours or even right now depending on what coast you’re on.

You should rip some packs and let me know!!!

yeah ill rip about 10 or so for sure if I see a lot on the market.

I usually get fleeced and at least got a diamond Rozier opening 2 packs so I’de say the odds are better than usual

Just now?


Did 5 packs and got nothing so I’m stopping till tomorrow or another announcement on players I want

I was ripping packs after the game and pulled so many diamonds from the PO Moments. All Celtics except for Love and Amy Ingles. I pulled 4 straight diamonds in one box. I started ripping because I opened a single with MT and pulled Tatum.

I pulled one diamond Malone and two Amy Starks from a Throwback topper box.

Now I have 12 diamonds sitting in my auctions, and another 6 waiting for odds to go back to trash.

Damn, when was this?

Right after the Rockets/Warriors game.

Yeah that time wasn’t bad, I was at work :frowning:

I’m just hoping that the prices go up some so that I can make a decent amount of MT. Tatum, Brown, and Rozier should at least get 55-75k. Smart and Morris will probably stay cheap and Horford could go either way. Who knows though!? Wish that I would’ve been on earlier to get some 100k BIN sales. :persevere:

You still did good making a profit. I just had to bite the bullet and try my best to use funds for tomorrow’s promo or moments cards