Should we be expecting a heavy bag of cards soon?

Myteam been a little stale lately, been playing park for the last week, shouldnt we get something today?

Na toda be dry day… tommrow tbt Friday anniversary

I think its premature to say we’re getting anniversary this week. Would be great but there’s nothing definite

100%, certs next week be promo near thanksgiv gives us good card us complete .

I want to tutor you.


They honestly need to start speeding up these anniversary packs if they want to get them all out more than a week before 2k20. We’ve only done 3 players in a little more than 9 weeks. At that rate, we’ll be three months into 2k20 when GO Shaq is available.

98% we get annis.

Yeah I mean they can do whatever they want. Who knows, maybe they release two at the same time, go 4 weeks without releasing any, then release 3 at once. They haven’t stated a specific release schedule.

I really hope its Magic. I’m honestly not too excited for Giannis.

They could. But that would be quite a task.

And I bet they’d charge 3x the price if there were 3 anniversary players. lol

I’m excited for any of them, lol. All game changers.

What I’m not excited for is getting impatient and paying like 200k extra for him on day one

Lol. The first one of every card always goes for crazy. I don’t know how people haven’t realized this and jus waited. I remember last year when the first amethyst Karl Malone went for like 300k and then all the next ones were 1/3 the price.
Even this year I remember seeing the first Diamond DRose go for 450k.
Patience is key

I have never been someone who buys the first card on the AH

I’m going to guess the people paying stupid prices for the first ones to tell are YouTubers who want to have the first video up for that card. It’s the only thing that makes sense, or people who just have millions and millions of MT and don’t care if it’s 400k or 200k and just want what they want

I saw someone on here saying that it was 2k that buys the first card.

Not to be the old man here, but I remember 2k16 when we’d go months–seriously, months–between promos, and 2k17 when there were no offline games to grind. I didn’t play last year, but 2k19 has so much content it’s nuts. Every week we’re getting new cards!

Yeah but they made those promos count, lol.

All Star with Diamond Magic, Shaq, Wade, Malone, Westbrook, KD… MVP with Wilt, LeBron, Kobe, Duncan, Rose, Dr. J, Bird, Jordan, Oscar, the list goes on. lol. Nowadays we get one card we want, and one set reward we maybe want

The sets last year were pretty bad. They’d include like on really nice card, then a bunch of filler players. I remember in 2k17 when we’d get sets that you could literally build an entire god squad from.
Diamond Hakeem, Diamond Clyde, Diamond KG, Diamond KAT, Diamond Webber, Diamond Gervin, then a Diamond Bird as a reward.

We will get anniversary this week.

Those cards were so expensive… I remember the Playoff Performers set, I was a spender with a good amount of MT at my disposal and Magic, Bird, Shaq were all too expensive.

Although I did end up completing the Beasts set like way late in the year because I wanted to run the Magic/Bird duo which was totally worth it