Should i wait on selling 98 bron?

I still didnt sell my 98 bron and its a huge L since his price drop from 200k to 130k (PS4). Should I wait until they made a duo with probably the incoming PD wade/PD AMY DI Bosh? does this duo will raise his price?

I doubt it bro. Do u not wanna run him ? Hes a great card. But if anything id sell now. This market wont recoup at all. They will drop pds twice a week for the next month and a half. We got pds going for 60k lol

Best time to sell is the afternoon following a day with hot pack releases like 18 hours from now. 98 LeBron attracts a lot of attention from budget squads using the 3 other LeBron diamond cards looking to upgrade and they’re more likely to do so if nothing else is attracting their attention.

i have 2 98 brons man. i already using him in my all time cavs for PS4. I thought that his price will go up when the lbj packs was done but that was a big mistake.

afternoon est? so if im going to auction him for 24 hours i need to post him at 1pm est?

does it much better to post him ending between 7pm-9pm est during weekdays?

Yea I wanna list 98 Kobe tomorrow not sure when’s the best time for him to end though?

8 eastern time usually is peak time

What is Heat Lebron going for? I’m sure with shoes he goes above 150 right? And without shoes around 120?

Closer to 150k at peak times and 110-130k off peak

end it 8 pm est?right?