Should I sell the Big O

I got him for 89k before Kareem dropped and Magic may possibly be released Friday or a bucks pack that could plummet his price. I probably could get 110k-120k. What would you guys do?

Note: I have manu and am just playing domination have 300k mt with diamonds and PDs already


Probably cause Magic might be coming soon.

(At least I hope so)

Should I do the same? I’m too scared of a price drop for him if Magic is released. I could buy him back then

Would you be selling him to go for Magic or to buy back once the new packs drop?

Should sell either way in my opinion

What’s Oscar going for these days? Still somewhat routinely 100K BIN, and maybe down to around 90K if you’re persistent and patient, or win a bid?

Scared of what lol, how low do yall even imagine he could possibly drop, too funny.

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Ewing and Jokic dropped like 10k each afther Hakeem release, 10 whooping k lol.

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Well right now I could sell him for 120k I think.

But yea with shoe and contract I don’t see my Oscar drop that much. Plus I’ll get mt Friday so I’m secure

Magic is gonna cost a lot, people with lower budgets will still use Oscar as alternative, on top of that there will be people using both and people using Magic at PF and C and etc.

I really hope Magic won’t have gold DRD badges because I have about 10 of them stockpiled ready to sell lol

Dont see him having it by any chance.

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So do we know that its Magic this Friday???

No, just a prediction of what could happen if the goat drops :wink::joy:

Hopefully not, but with 2k ya never know lol. Hell, they might even put Limtless on him and ruin the game lol

We dont know shit, could be Giannis or even a promo.

Basically 0 chance of that.

If they release what is the first of several Magics we’ll end up getting, I would expect his Open 3 to be sub-80, closer to 70 than 80.

What people should do is wait, well at least thats what i will do.

It can be promo, Giannis or Magic and incase its not Magic, Oscars price can also rise durring the weekend, so best is to try to wait for Ronnie clues on whats next on Friday and if you hear good or bad news then sell or keep.

Which make Big O still very valuable