Should I sell pd ad for pd klay?

I tried and tried to pull his klay. 8 20 boxes and no dice. I’m debating on selling my ad with Kobe ads and a contract to get him. Is it worth it?

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I wouldn’t sell AD for klay.


Id take AD luckily I have both. Use Ray if you sell


8 boxes??? Damn dude


Just buy the diamond one


I didnt wanna say it lol


You a better man


Only person I would sell my A D for is opal AD

So that’s a negative haha. Okay lol I’m done with the packs for a few weeks. Shit pisses me off.

who else can u sell? get the diamond, its the same shit

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Dude, fuck these criminal scumbags. I wouldn’t give them money for these scam ass packs for nothing.

Part of me is starting to think this Veronica shit is on purpose, so they can dumb down their odds even more. You can’t tell me that they are either unaware, or somehow just not competent enough to patch it.

Hell no ad one of a kind diamond klay just as good bro


I’ve got 220k and a shit ton of cards to sell. Nothing too crazy but they’ll add up. Only cards I won’t sell is my unlimited team.

I sold my AD for 385k cause I wanted that limited Roy. I’ll buy him later on (next week) but I was sick of packing with mt and getting absolutely nothing

You opened 8 20 pack boxes…

That’s absurd

OP the type 2k loves, knowing Veronica there, just take patience… these dudes cool with flushing they money down the toilet.

why dont u just sell other shit and get klay

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No, get new PG instead (100-150k)

I’m in the process now. My son had a game tonight. I only had time to quicksell the some nike and Bron shoes and I got like 60k just from those.

Already have him.